Communicating  |  Connecting  |  Consulting

Derek Bruce Associates collaborates with you and your business to ensure real and sustainable business transformation in your people.

For communication, we provide facilitation at your large corporate events by providing hosts and speakers to engage, inspire and energise your people. We also support your internal communications design and deployment.

We connect your people to your company via Executive Coaching and by using employee experience techniques to enable higher engagement and better productivity

And we consult with you on enhancing your business, leaders and talent via personal and organisational development.

What makes us unique is the ability to provide insights and support to organisations from the perspective of a large corporate to a small start-up, based on our experience in working with many types of organisations. This, alongside our expertise in understanding how to build engaging employee experiences and leadership and people development journeys, ensures we always make the right impact for our clients

Our People

Our team at Derek Bruce Associates has a great background in leadership, people and talent development, consultancy and business communication, underpinned by experience and knowledge of moving Diversity and Inclusion forward.

This has come from working with market leading global organizations in the Financial Services, Media, Retail and Engineering industries.

Our experience of working on successful transformations in the UK, Europe, the Americas and Asia has ensured we are able to adapt our products and style to suit different cultures.

As well as consulting and developing, our team has hosted large global events for industry leading organizations. This aligned with our team also providing insights into leadership and organizational development at global seminars and conferences.

Our principles focus on listening first and speaking second and making sure we enable your people and businesses to continue to thrive in a sustainable way. We pride ourselves on building trust, and long-term relationships to help you accomplish your goals.

‘Making the impossible happen together’