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We want to make a difference to society, and one of the areas we can influence is to support Black professionals in their careers. And by Black professionals, we mean people of Afro-Caribbean descent, at any stage of their career – who are either first-jobbers, established in a career and /or entrepreneurs and business owners.

This is why we created the Extraordinary Mentors Network (EMN). Via the EMN, we want to build an effective and strong global network where Black professionals and their Mentors help each other succeed professionally and personally. Our focus is to provide access to the EMN either on a free or minimal investment basis.  

Our expert and experienced Mentors are from a variety of backgrounds, industries and are all volunteers. This, coupled with our passion on matching the right Mentee with the right Mentor, gives us the confidence that we will support Black professionals in giving them a ‘step up’ in their careers.

The EMN runs two cohorts twice a year, normally from Q2/Q3, and then Q3/Q4. Each cohort has 20 Mentor/Mentee relationships. to ensure that our Mentees are match to the best possible Mentor. And during your six-month mentoring journey, you will have access to a Kick-off session, Masterclasses and and Closing session.

What is Mentoring?

Mentorship means different things to different companies and people. We offer you something special: a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Age is not a factor here – the Mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored as they have a certain area of experience or expertise that will help and support the Mentee.

And our focus is to help Mentees further their careers, get access to a wider network, and help them to gain personal confidence and overcome challenges they are facing.

Whether you are considering giving or receiving mentoring, this can be a great way to further your career, get access to a wider network, and help to gain personal confidence and overcome challenges. Isn’t also great to help someone or receive help from someone? We say yes!

How do we enable the EMN?

All of the Mentors are volunteering their time for free, and as a socially aware company, Derek Bruce Associates wants to ensure that access to them is a conscious and fair exchange:

  • Are you working? Your mentoring journey is €10 per month – a minimal investment to cover our administration, marketing and technology costs
  • Are you unemployed? Your mentoring journey is free

How will it work?

As highlighted above, we run two cohorts each year.

  • The EMN program is 6 months
  • There are two cohorts per year, normally from around April to September, and September to April
  • Each cohort has a max of 20 Mentee/Mentor relationships
  • You have access to a kick-off session, online masterclasses, great learning content, and a closing session
  • You have the support and comfort of a structured mentoring journey, with at least one hour of (e-)meeting per month
  • A selection event will match Mentees to Mentors. Once connected, you can agree when and how your first meeting will take place. As a team, you will define a desired outcome for the mentoring
  • Bonus: via the EMN platform you can check out inspiring masterclasses, connect with other mentee and mentor network, and access rich learning content

This journey is going to be exciting, personal and will help you progress on your professional goals.

How do you get involved?

Become a Mentee 

If you’re at a pivot in your career, looking to move into a leadership role or starting your own business, we can help. Express your interest below and we will contact you to find our more about you and how mentoring can help you.

Become a Mentor

Do you want to help create a pipeline of Black professionals in your industry and connect a Mentee to your network, and also have the desire to Pay-it-Forward based on your own experiences we want you to be involved.